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Advent begins on November 28th!  

During this season, we invite everyone to GIVE Christmas presents differently to their loved ones, to BUY LESS & GIVE MORE.  

Rather than buying "stuff" this year, give the gift of water to communities in Canada in need of clean, running water.

It is easy to participate in the Advent Conspiracy, a global movement of Christians to reclaim the true generosity and transformative power of Jesus' love this Christmas.

Advent Conspiracy Steps (Beginning November 28th)

  1. Ask yourself what you would normally spend on a Christmas gift for someone you love.
  2. Don't buy 'stuff' this year, give the gift of water!
  3. Make a donation to PWRDF's Mishamikoweesh Water Partnership (through your church or directly to PWRDF (see instructions next page)
  4. Take a Gift Card
  5. Give that Gift Card to your loved one this Christmas to tell them how much you love them! 
  6. If you would like to participate and are not usually in church, phone the church office, leave a message and we will mail you the information and materials.

Since 2013, Pimatisiwin Nipi Group partnered with Pikangikum and with PWRDF to install safe drinking water and indoor plumbing in the homes that need it the most.

This year, our work expands to begin the Mishamikoweesh Water Partnership. Mishamikoweesh includes 25 First Nations in Northern Ontario and Manitoba, across which water safety is a critical need. 

Mishamikoweesh leaders identify clean water as central to their vision of a good life for their people. In response, this partnership will: 

  • engage Mishamikoweesh leaders, and with PWRDF support, to develop Indigenous-led, high impact water projects across these Northern communities. 
  • work toward the goal of Indigenous communities being able to access fresh and safe drinking water, prioritizing their connection to the abundance of the land. 

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