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In Bishop Andrew's latest letter to the Diocese (27 March), he announced a time of Jubilee, or 'generosity and forgiveness' for parishes facing financial pressures due to the suspension of public worship during the pandemic. 

From the Bishop's letter: 'For the months of April and May 2020, parishes will not be required to pay their allotment to the Diocese or to pay the costs of clergy remuneration (stipend, housing and associated benefits).  It is my hope that this measure will alleviate the financial pressure that many of our parishes are under, freeing them up to carry out their ministry and to prepare for the day when their doors will open again.'

We are very grateful for this generous and sacrificial offer on the part of the Diocese. That being said, please continue to give to the ministry and mission of St. James as you are able - depsite this relief, we still have to pay utilities and other expenses. Find out how to give during the pandemic here.