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Families have never spent more time together than they have in the last two years. But togetherness isn’t enough – families need encouragement and support.

“Love Builds Up” is being offered by St. James Anglican Church as a free resource for families to use during Lent (the six-week period before Easter).  Families can access the workbook on-line or collect a print version from the church.   Each week families will be challenged to think about one aspect of Christian life.  Topics such as self-confidence, service, and purpose are presented in a graphic handbook format; with conversation prompts, hints for parents and a way to commit the family to a new action or practice. By Easter, participants will have seen new growth in each other (parents included!) and be able to celebrate Easter like never before. Sound interesting?  You don’t need to be Anglican, or a practicing Christian to participate.  A bit of Bible knowledge is helpful, and St. James can help if necessary.

To get the ‘Love Builds Up’ link, please call the office at 905-584-9635 or email Lori To learn more about St. James, visit St. James Caledon East