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Hello Everyone,

Although we miss being able to meet for worship in the church, how nice it is to connect virtually through the Go To Meeting Site for our services, and to share in prayer and worship together, along with hearing the voices of our musicians leading us in worship music!  

I am providing another episode of Songs of Praise, which is from a few years ago, and features people's favourite hymns.  I am sure you will hear a few of your own favourites in there... and if you listen closely to the trumpet player in the second verse of the first hymn (How Great Thou Art), is that Paul Taylor I can hear?!  Well, if it's not, I'm sure he would do the part justice as well!

Do sing along as you listen... and remember, it's like singing in the shower - nobody can hear you - so sing loud and sing proud!!

But seriously, favourite hymns resonate deep within us, often due to childhood memories, a crisis in our lives, or simply the way in which God has spoken deeply to our hearts and minds through particular words and music.   

So... if YOU have a favourite hymn, or worship song, send me an email to: and include the name of the hymn or song, and your reasons for choosing it, and then I will compile a presentation of some of the favourite hymns and songs of our congregation.

Many blessings to you all,