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You have been noticing a lot in our newspapers and on social media recently about racialism throughout the world. We know that our parish honours and recognizes that racialization of any sector of our neighbours is wrong.  We acknowledge that we are a diverse community here in Caledon. We also know that acknowledgment is not all that is needed. But, how can one person make a difference?  Join us and let’s work together....

Our Social Justice team at St. James recognizes that racism exists and are investigating what we can do to help Caledon become a diverse, fair and inclusive community.  We want to find ways to do this by understanding just what it means, and feels like, to those who are marginalized - Black, Indigenous, LGBTQ+, Asians and others - by working with them.  We have discussed a few ideas.

  • We hope to follow up our learning curve by using our wonderful space at St. James to have speakers, seminars, events that the various groups organize and produce with our assistance.  These will be advertised and open to our whole community.
  • We as a parish have committed to honour Black History Month, Asian History Month and Indigenous History Month.  Planning will be needed for these events.
  • It is possible that we can work with the Town and other organizations such as Caledon Community Services to develop a list of services that we can pass on to the groups we have recognized as needy.
  • We will be forming liaisons with other Social Justice Groups in our community.

We are certain that there are those among you who feel that facing racism and trying to do something about it in our community is important, but don’t know how to help.  We have started the conversation and would love the have you join us.  Please contact Donna Davies – 905.584.0352 or