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'And behold, now I bring the first of the fruit of the ground, which you, O LORD, have given me.’ And you shall set it down before the LORD your God and worship before the LORD your God.

Deuteronomy 26:1-11

Dear friends,

In biblical times, the Israelites offered to God their firstfruits: the produce from their fields that ripened first. There was always a possibility that the rest of the crop would not ripen or be harvested because of unforeseen circumstances. So offering the firstfruits was an expression, not only of thanksgiving for God's goodness, but also of trust in God's provision despite some uncertainty. 

The people offered what they had with gratitude in the hope and expectation of more to come.

On this Thanksgiving weekend during this time of uncertainty, I appeal to you for a donation to St. James in the spirit of the firstfruits offering: as an expression of thanksgiving for what St. James has meant to you, and in hopeful anticipation that others will be similarly blessed in the future.

To this end, beginning this Sunday, our main worship service will now be livestreamed on our YouTube channel and website. This will vastly improve the viewing experience for those joining us virtually. I am most thankful for our technical crew who worked so hard to make this possible.

This fall, we are also offering a variety of online courses, services, and opportunities for fellowship. I encourage you to read about these on the News and Events sections of our website. All are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Your Thanksgiving gift will enable St. James to continue to offer these opportunities for Christian formation and spiritual growth in a time of great need.

A donation of any amount would be gratefully received and faithfully applied.

On this Thanksgiving weekend, I give thanks for your continued commitment to St. James, for your love and concern for your fellow members, and for our fellowship in Christ Jesus Our Lord.

With every blessing for Thanksgiving,

Fr. Chris

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