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Amidst the rapidly changing circumstances of our present day, prayer remains a powerful constant. While this pandemic keeps us from public gathering, the global prayer movement, Thy Kingdom Come, can unite and strengthen us more than ever.

The wave of prayer begins on Ascension Day, May 21 and ends on Pentecost, May 31. Please consider ways in which you and your parishioners might commit - as individuals, as families, as a church - to daily prayer for 10 days that people would come to know the love and hope found in Jesus Christ. This year especially hearts are listening and open.

To help you get started, the YCV Children & Youth Ministry Taskforce and the YCV Evangelism Taskforce have, once again, developed a YCV Thy Kingdom Come 2020 Resources Package (see the attached document below under 'Downloads').

Please take a look at the curated resources and see if there's an idea or two there that suits your context.

You should also plan to attend and invite your youth members and youth leaders to join you at the YCV Youth Beacon Event (by Zoom) on
May 29th @ 7pm.

Registration is open now!

Thank you for your hard work and prayers during these challenging times.



the Rt. Rev. Jenny Andison
Area Bishop of York-Credit Valley