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Greetings everyone!

We continue to appreciate the ways in which technology allows us to communicate and connect, and in our family, we have found that we've spent much time reminiscing about past times, sharing small, yet meaningful moments that make us smile!

When I was growing up, my mother used to have a box of bible verses, and each day after dinner, she would ask my sister and I to read one.  She believed that this practice would instil the word of God in our hearts through the regular reading of short scripture verses.  After awhile, my sister and I decided to play a trick on my mom, and we each folded one of the little verse cards, leaving a crease in the top, so that we could easily pick out the same one every day.  Eventually, we had both memorized our own verse so that no matter which card we picked, we just said the one we knew by heart.  It took some weeks before my mother realized that we kept saying the same verse over and over again!  However, despite our little trick, the fact is that those memory verses stayed in our hearts, and to this day, I still remember mine:  Galations 6:9 which said, "Do not be weary in well doing, for in due season, ye shall reap if ye faint not."  

I am reminded of that verse now, and find encouragement in the continuance of daily prayer and devotions, as well as through worship music during these times.  While we may feel like there is little we can do, we can pray and we can worship.  As we worship God and pray for others, we are reminded that God is at work, both within us and in the world around us.

I have pasted another Songs of Praise clip below.  This program was compiled recently, and provides encouragement during these times of isolation, as well as including encouraging songs and hymns that were previously recorded during past programming.  In this episode, host Aled Jones speaks with the Archbishop of York (UK), and also includes an interview with D-Day veteran, Harry Billinge.  

If you choose to watch it, I hope you will find the program and music encouraging!