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Our Advent Giving Tree ministry has concluded. Thank you to everyone for your extraordinary participation. We provided many gifts to The Bridge Prison Ministry in Brampton, the Elizabeth Fry Society of Halton-Peel and Choices Youth Shelter in Orangeville.

Thank you very much to Valerie Jones for organizing this initiative. 

One of the clients of the Elizabeth Fry Society (EFS) has written us this letter of thanks:

My name is “L” (her full name is confidential). I’ve been in jail for many years, I have done bad things in my life and have no family to support me.  I have spent most of my life in foster care and moved all over Canada, I have not been in stable home in my entire life.  I have spent most of my life in jail and know nothing else.  Now I’m a resident of Ellen House (a halfway house run by the EFS).  I’m trying to get my life back together and support myself.  Ellen House supports others like me who need the help to make it in this world.  I wanted to let you all know my story, as there are many women like me who have struggled. It is hard out there, with nothing!

Thank you, wonderful children of God, we are all grateful for all the gifts you have provided to us.  We have spent much time inside, we have made mistakes and now we have been trying to change our ways.  Like most of us here, we have come from abusive families, poverty, struggles and have yet to succeed in society, not that we have stopped trying, but we will have to do our best.  We are appreciate all that you have done for us.  Please support your families and friends with love a compassion as you have done for us."