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Greetings Friends!

So nice to connect with many of you at the tree lighting in Mono, thanks to Chris and Todd!  It was wonderful to see the lights, and to share together in singing some carols, as well as some fun Christmas songs too!

When I started to send you Songs of Praise clips back in March, as we entered into a time of isolation leading into Lent, I did not think that I would be still be sending Advent episodes later in the year... but yet, here we are!

While we may feel we are missing the many aspects of Christmas that we have come to expect over the years, we know that the God who holds all things in his hands is also close to us in these times, and as we draw near to him, we can find unexpected joy and peace as we enter into this season of Advent.

The Songs of Praise episode below features the faith journey of Katherine Jenkins, one of the regular hosts, and she shares her beginning connections with church as a girl growing up in Wales, as well as her experience with grief as a teenager.  You will hear some familiar and new carols, which include a lovely song entitled Adore, written by Graham Kendrick (composer of Shine, Jesus, Shine).  

Emmanuel - God with Us - may we remember and experience this reality as we journey through Advent through these times, finding new ways to reach out, to connect and to love one another.