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Prayer is a conversation and an encounter with the living God. But so often this seems to be a one-way conversation, with us doing all of the talking. So how do we hear back from God? How do we encounter Him? By listening for His voice in the Scriptures. 

Here is a simple format for how to do this. Read a passage of Scripture slowly and repeatedly and ask these questions:

1. Lesson: What is God saying here? What does this passage teach me about God? About myself and my present situation?

2. Confession: What do I need to repent of in light of this passage? What false attitudes, behaviours, emotions etc. arise within me when I forget its truth?

3. Thanksgiving: What does God promise or give me here? How does this passage lead me to thank and praise God?

4. Action: What is God commanding me to do in light of this passage? How would this change my life if I took it seriously? Why is God showing me this particular passage today?

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