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Prayer is a conversation and an encounter with the living God. But so often this seems to be a one-way conversation. So how do we hear back from God? How do we encounter Him? By listening for His voice in the Scriptures. 

Here is a simple format for how to do this. Read a passage of Scripture slowly and repeatedly and ask these questions:

1. Lesson: What is God saying here? What does this passage teach me about God? About myself and my present situation?

2. Confession: What do I need to repent of in light of this passage? What false attitudes, behaviours, emotions etc. arise within me when I forget its truth?

3. Thanksgiving: What does God promise or give me here? How does this passage lead me to thank and praise God?

4. Action: What is God commanding me to do in light of this passage? How would this change my life if I took it seriously? Why is God showing me this particular passage today?