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Spend 15 minutes with God per day.

Begin by asking God to use this time to form you into the person He wants you to be (which is also the person you really want to be deep down).

Then, read a passage from the Bible, such as one of the readings from your Sunday church bulletin.       

Then pray using the simple three-part format: Thank you, Sorry and Please.

  1. Thank God for His many blessings (even when you’re having a bad day);
  2. Say ‘Sorry’ by confessing your sins and shortcomings;
  3. Ask God to grant your prayers for yourself, the Church, the world and those in need.

Close by saying the Lord’s Prayer and  ‘Into thy hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit.’ (Luke 23:46; Psalm 31:5)

Make this your daily duty of service to the Lord. Gradually, it will become a discipline - something you'll find to be necessary for your daily health, performance and well-being. Ultimately, it will become a delight - you'll experience awe, intimacy and joy in the presence of God.

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