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I urge you to consider moving to “Pre-authorized remittance” in the year of 2024.

Our leadership team a.k.a. “The Corporation” is working very hard to create a balanced budget for next year.  The challenges are grand as those of us gathering on a Sunday are a fraction of the number who gathered ten years ago.  The option to stay home and join in via Livestream is what we call a “COVID perk”.  The gift of being able to travel again allows us the opportunity to visit friends and family.  But for our budget such freedom creates great uncertainty.  

On behalf of the wardens of St. James Caledon East, I extend the invitation to each of you to pray about what that monthly amount you set aside for Christ’s ministry in our church might be… and then reach out to Grace in the office as to how you can assure that your monthly monetary gift reaches us – no matter where you might find yourself… at home or away.  

May God bless you deeply for your continued support.

Mother Michelle

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