If it’s time to come back to church, or explore your faith, consider a visit to St. James.

Here you will find:

  • people who are warm, but won’t overwhelm you
  • a beautiful, historic worship space
  • accessibility aids such as an elevator and sound system
  • bright and modern areas for after-church coffee and conversationa variety of worship services and times
  • music that is both contemporary and traditional
  • Bible study, Sunday School and fellowship opportunities
  • a need for your volunteer skills and abilities, if you so wish

St. James is an Anglican Church. We belong to a larger group of churches linked through our history and beliefs, with strong ties to England. In Canada, Anglican churches are organized in groups called ‘dioceses’, and we belong to the Diocese of Toronto. We are led by our Bishops, a sacramental calling with roots in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

Some people find our services a bit hard to follow at first. Generally speaking, we kneel to pray, sit to listen and stand to praise and sing. Most services include Holy Communion (the sharing of bread and wine) from a communal cup around the Communion Table. No one is required to partake in this part of the service, but those who feel comfortable are welcome. Please speak to the priest following the service if you would like to learn more about Holy Communion and its relation to baptism.

No dress code, no ‘reserved’ pews, just a great place to unwind and recharge after a hectic week. And folks like you who bring their questions, doubts, sorrows and joys - and find peace and hope together.